Friday, December 11, 2015

Word for the Year 2016

In 2014, JOURNEY was my word for the year.  I wanted my life to be about the process rather than the end product... not just in quilting but in everything.  I did pretty well on that front, enjoying the journey along the way, rather than rushing through everything to get to the end. 

For 2015, I chose the word SIMPLIFY to guide my steps for the year.  I got rid of a lot of superfluous stuff... quilting and otherwise.  Moving helped a LOT with that - we got rid of SO many books and LOTS of trash - truckloads of stuff, literally, but lots of quilting things too - excess fabric, duplicate rulers, notions and the like.

My word for the year 2016 is going to be FINISH.  I've started so many things in 2015 and I really need to see an end to these projects so I can feel good about starting new ones.   I have made a promise not to start any new BOMs that I'm not already signed up for (only one new one of those, so I don't feel overwhelmed to start the year.  I'm afraid they will do a Bertie's Summer quilt and I will feel the need to sign up for that one... luckily the Bertie's seasonal quilts are all small, just 4-5 month projects, easy to make, easy to quilt. 

I am not forgetting my words from previous years... It's still all about the JOURNEY, and I'm still SIMPLIFYing - ridding myself of extraneous 'stuff' both quilty and otherwise (yes, there are things we moved with that we didn't really need, so still stuff to get rid of), but I want to finish UFO's this year - I have a lot of them...

I would love to choose a word like 'PLAY' or 'MESSIFY' (I know that's not a real word, but I don't know how else to say it), but I feel like that will have to wait a year.  (By messify, I mean giving myself permission to paint messily, color outside the lines and so forth - I need that encouragement sometimes to be 'me' when I am creating instead of just following patterns by rote). 

Anyway - I look forward to 2016 and all the finishes I will have for the year!

What is your word for 2016?

A Mysterious start to the year

Well, I finished one of last year's mystery tops... The Meadow Mist Mosaic Mystery.  I have to say I really like how this one came out.....