Saturday, July 20, 2013

Finishing Touches

Finally done with Midnight Garden, a sampler quilt I began as a block of the month some two years or so ago in a class.  Got the binding and sleeve on in the past two days, and it's ready for the county fair. 

Done in my favorite colors of purple green and orange.  I have another quilt for the fair as well, but I didn't get the binding on in time, so it will have to wait for next year.  I will be putting one of my kimono quilts into the fair this year also.  Since the brightly coloured one is hanging in the local quilt shop, I will put in the indigo kimono quilt, though I'm not quite happy with the cherry blossom embellishments.

I may also put my wolf quilt in, but only if it can go in a different category from the kimonos.  I will have to check on that before I make a decision.

Tomorrow I have to run the quilts out to the fair.  I will take my husband with me to share the drive.  It will be a fun day regardless of the looming deadline.  I hate deadlines.  

1 comment:

  1. Great job on Toni Whitney's wolf--I love her patterns, but too many small pieces for me!!