Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quilt for Dee

My minigroup, the Stitching Sisters, have been meeting for breakfast every Weds. morning for a very long time.  We have been meeting at the same coffee shop since forever it seems like and our server is a doll, very attentive and knows us all so well.

Last week she announced she would be leaving to go work at Costco (good for her!  better pay, though no tips, and benefits!).  We will miss her greatly and decided to give her a quilt.  Rather than try to make one and quilt it in one week, we gave her one I had made some time ago.  We just added a new label, personalized for her.

Today was our last day with her, so we gave her the quilt at breakfast.  Here she is, posing with her quilt:

Fortuitously, it turns out she LOVES green!  Not only that, her 'honey' was at the restaurant this morning and he came over and admitted that when traveling, he tends to buy quilts, esp. antiques.  So we know this one went to a good home where it will be loved (and hopefully used).

Warm fuzzy feelings for her and us!  What a great morning!

To add to the goodness of the day, I saw my surgeon today for another follow up appointment, and he says I've healed nicely and don't need to see him again for four months!  Yay!  I'm allowed to lift more than 10 lbs. now, so I am free to take my sewing machine to sew-ins and classes when I want to. 

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