Sunday, February 28, 2016

NQR - Disappointment and Depression

I must admit that I am a recovering (?) depressed person, on daily meds to keep it under control (Pristiq and Abilify).  Still, sometimes it's hard not to let events creep in lay the seeds for disappointment which leads to depression.

Tonight, friends and I had tickets to see Jersey Boys at the local Cultural Arts Center, performed by a national touring company.  We've had these tickets for months, waiting for tonight's event.  I declined an invitation to an Oscar Party that we attend annually to go see this show.

We went out for dinner before the show, enjoyed chat and good company while we ate... then headed to the theater.  We arrived at 6:45, plenty of time to get seated for a 7pm show.   We parked, and went in, entered the theater at 6:50 to find the place dark, and the show already in progress.  When we went out to the lobby and asked the usher, we were told the show started at 6:30. 

Furious, I went to the box office to get my money back, only to be told they couldn't refund the money because the misprint on the ticketmaster tickets wasn't their fault.  They said they had made good faith efforts to contact all the season ticket holders by phone and email, but the lady who got our tickets (who IS a season ticket holder) never heard a word about it.  We were given a business card of a lady who is in charge of the box office and told to call her on Tuesday (apparently she doesn't work on Mondays).  I was livid... they should have made good on the price of the ticket immediately, imo. 

I had a good cry over the whole thing on the way home (I tend to cry when I get angry).  Of course, now that I'm home and calm, the anger has turned to disappointment and the disappointment to depression.  I hope I can generate some anger again by the time I call this woman on Tuesday.  I will need the edge so I don't cry.

Anyway... I just needed to vent a little, so excuse the rant...

At least they gave us corrected tickets for the next play in the series (those were also mis-printed) while we were at the box office.  So we won't be late for Ragtime next month (which I've seen on stage before, so if I'd missed it, I would have been a little disappointed, but not so much as I am about Jersey Boys, which I've never seen, but love the music from it). 

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