Saturday, September 24, 2016

Change is a Good Thing

Change can be a good thing.  Most of us are a little afraid of change. I know I am.  I have always been loathe to make changes to my life, my stuff, anything.   Sometimes change though can be great.  For example, we're all looking for a change from the heat of summer to some cool autumn days, at least those of us in southern California are, anyway. 

I bought this bag at a quilt show last weekend.

I decided that, while I love the colors and theme (Halloween is my favorite holiday!),  I didn't like those teeny tiny pumpkin buttons.  Yeah, they went with the theme, but they were lost on the bag, and they were cheap, plastic buttons.  I took them off and gave them to a young (6 years old!) quilter to embellish something she made.  Then, I went to the store and bought some larger buttons and put them on, and changed the pocket on the right a little bit (made it a little deeper by sewing up the left side of it a bit).   Here's the final result:

Much happier with the bag now.  I LOVE the big black button on the right pocket and the other two wooden buttons will do... they aren't perfect, but they were the closest I could find to what I want... I'll be keeping my eye out for something else in the meantime.  Still, I'm happy with the changes and love the bag even more now!  Change worked!

Tomorrow I'm going to quilting class, something I had planned to miss because we were having company over.  I had to cancel the event due to illness of one of the guests, so now I'm free all morning, might as well go work on a quilt or two. 

More changes, with positive results.  I could get to like change after all!

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