Monday, July 2, 2018

Disappointment Can Turn to Happiness

Went to Quilt Emporium in Woodland Hills this morning and LO! they had not had a Row by Row winner yet. They let me take my choice of 25 fat quarters, and gave me a jelly roll as a bonus prize for having their row in my quilt.... Love my prizes... thank you, Quilt Emporium... They kept my quilt to hang in their shop for a while, which is a first for me (my 5th row by row win, but no shop has ever asked before. I'm honored and glad to oblige).

Came home and finished appliqueing my pumpkins and sewed all the blocks into rows.  Still need to press them and then sew the rows together.  I already have a back chosen for it, just waiting for the new bolt of batting I ordered.  That will give me two quilts ready for basting, to add to my 7 quilts in the binding queue for my backlog of projects (and those don't even begin to make a dent in my total UFO count). 

I have yet to begin my 20 minutes of working on one project (for the Stashbusters 20 minute challenge).  20 minutes a day to make steady progress on a project is something I SHOULD be able to keep up with, but I missed yesterday, July 1, completely - just spaced out and forgot all about the challenge.  Spent my quilting time yesterday looking for a shop to turn in my challenge quilt at, and then working on applique for the rest of the day.  I won't make that mistake again (the mistake being spacing out on the 20 minute challenge)!

Tomorrow is my mah jongg day, but I will get my 20 minutes in after the game... I have all night because Tuesday is my husband's radio night... I have the whole evening to myself.  (I am a ham radio widow on Tuesday, lol).

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