Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fabriholic Hell

I think I've finally entered fabriholic hell...  I have been folding and sorting fabric for days, and while I've obviously made a dent in the piles of stash bins, I think I've finally reached the saturation point where it's no longer fun to fondle and fold fabric. 

On an up-note, I did get to sew yesterday.   I went to class and finished one small part of a quilt I'm making (one block sewn and three blocks put together.  I also completed the current mystery block from Ula Lenz's website.  It's a ... whoops... that would be telling... I'll post a pic on flickr when she reveals the mystery. 

It was cathartic and healing and fun to sew for a while, surrounded by a whole gruop of like-minded ladies.

Yet somehow, it was not cathartic enough to inspire me to WANT to fold fabric when I got home. 


  1. I'm joining you in fabriholic hell - flannel fabriholic hell - I've got to make a backing for this quilt (which requires 9 metres of backing fabric!) out of scraps! arghhhh!!!! can you guess who I am??? *lol*
    toni xxx

  2. mmm... 9 metres... king size... 3 week deadline? Does your quilt have daisies on it?