Saturday, October 31, 2009

and paint...

Actually, only paint in the living room, dining room and my studio, but still, it's paint.  Is it a cultural thing to paint with semi-gloss on the walls in rooms other than bath and kitchen?  The painter has to buy more paint and re-do everything because I don't want semi-gloss in the living room or dining room (except on the trim).  Sigh... and he was gonna come back Monday to do it.  I put my foot down... I am not going to live with all my furniture piled up in the middle of the living room covered with tarps for two more days.  I sent him off to buy new paint and come back and finish it today!  He wants to keep me happy - he wants to paint more rooms for me later.  I know it would be cheaper to contract for the whole house at once but I can't afford it.  So he's doing it one room/area at a time.

Next will be the stairway, a major project in and of itself.  There's still cottage cheese ceiling there, like in the bedrooms... it's gotta go before repainting.   I may do the hallway and all the doors and trim myself... There's 8 doors along this hallway and very little wall on the side where all the doors are... I think I can handle it and it would cost a lot of money just for them to do that cuz of all the hand/detail work.  I'll have them do all the bedrooms - cottage cheese ceilings and wallpaper have to come down, and the bathrooms...

I'm thinking of doing the master bedroom in dark plum, the guest bedroom in blue or maybe a pale tropical green.  My son's room (which will become my longarm room someday when he moves out), I will do in silver and steel colors I think... so I will have a plum room, a blue (or green) room, and a grey room.  I will paint the library that deep green of old leather bound books.  Most of the library is bookcases anyway, so not a lot of wall shows, but I think it would be restful and calming.

I have no intention of changing the tile or countertops in the kitchen or bathrooms, so the main bath will stay sand/tan, with maybe tropical/ocean blue walls.  The master bath will keep blue tile, with maybe paler blue walls.  or dark blue?  The kitchen is all in white tile so the very few and small bits of wall I think I will paint deep cinnamon or tuscan red for some drama.

Any ideas welcome....  my husband, as usual, simply says 'whatever you want, dear- just remember I have to live with it, too'... which means really, he has an opinion, but is being passive aggressive.  If he had his way, the entire house would be painted white.  Not off-white, not swiss chocolate, not navajo white... WHITE.  with white trim.  sigh.  Ain't happening.  I want COLOR.... DRAMA... I want to be able to tell my guests... 'you can sleep in the blue room'... lol... I know, sounds silly, but I think it's cool.

I've got about half my colorwall arranged... Just the greens and reds remain, and the greens are half done.  I have yet to get to the batiks or the stuff that was never sorted... I'm gonna have to leave the cat fabrics in bins.  There's only room for so much fabric.  It will be nice to be able to see and get to all my fabric, touch it, get eye tracks all over it, and find just what I need when I need it. 

And someday soon, I might get to sew again - that IS what all this is all about, isn't it?

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