Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Saw 'A Little Night Music' at the Kentwood last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love Sondheim - well, his lyrics anyway. I think I like his shows more when someone else composes, but his lyrics are inspiring. I, too, am a word junkie and just love how he plays with rhyme, syntax, metre.... Anyway, saw the play with a couple of folks (DH and DA) who aren't Sondheim fans, so we all agreed to disagree.

Today I haven't sewn at all... didn't even touch any fabric except a small piece that was in the wrong place... just moved it. No sewing, nothing constructive.

I did run a short D&D game, but mostly it was a wasted day. Tomorrow I will do better.

Today I am grateful for second chances... for the opportunity to right wrongs, to fix mistakes, to make up for shortcomings. We all need second chances from time to time, and we need to allow others to have them as well.

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