Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

Forecast for 5 days of rain, and still no rain. A zillion things to do come Monday, and the weekend seems to be crawling along... the things that should be fun aren't... the accomplishments that should feel good don't... bleah...

That's how I feel... bleah...

The only thing that makes it all seem worth waiting through is rain... PLEASE let it rain... soon.

I want to be warm and cozy with a roaring fire while it pours outside and I can sew all day long.

Today I feel grateful for the change in the weather, even though so far it's just lots of threatening clouds and the chill in the air.... We definitely need the rain. It's December already and we're still on water rationing here. A good solid 5 days of rain (and snow in the mountains to fill our reservoirs) would be more than welcome.

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