Friday, January 8, 2010


My longarm has been delivered!  It arrived this afternoon.  Tomorrow morning is setup and training time, followed by an afternoon for me to enjoy the machine.  Then more training on Sunday morning.  I'm really looking forward to the whole process... and terrified at the same time.  I hope this isn't all too much for me.

Today, I am grateful for the healing powers of rest.  My DH has been home with the flu all day, poor thing.  But he's feeling better now than he did this morning, so I'm hoping he will be over this soon.  Isn't it a wonder how miraculously our own bodies can heal themselves of so many things. 


  1. You are braver than I :)
    I'd be so scared that machine would just become one more useless tool like so many quilting tools marketed today. But then I look at how long arming has progressed and it just blows me out of my socks, the potential particularly for applique...good luck!

  2. What kind of machine did you get? I want one SO bad and am determined to get one...eventually! Hope you enjoy it.