Monday, May 31, 2010

Three Day Weekend...

So the three day weekend (Memorial Day in the States for anyone outside) is over.  I actually sewed this weekend, finishing a few blocks in an Americana Garden quilt I'm making.  I also got to spend a little time with my husband - playing D&D, walking, shopping.  I'm feeling a little better, but still depressed.

It makes me feel better that I'm actually working, accomplishing something.  Yet when I'm in the worst of my depression I can't work and that's when I most need to do so...  This half-depressed state is something I can literally work my way out of, which is a good thing, and I'm doing just that now.

So here is what I've done lately:
I made a bag for my guild's opportunity drawing last month - it brought in about $90, which isn't bad for my guild.  It was a lot of fun to make even though it was all very last minute - depression and all - I started it on Monday and the meeting was on Wednesday - I got it done - BARELY in time.  Pattern is called Tahoe Tote by Pink Sand Beach Designs.

I made a one block wonder quilt.  It's finally together and just needs to be quilted.  I call it Parrot Nebula because it reminds me of the Hubble photos of distant nebulae, and the original fabric was beautiful parrots on a deep teal background.

I also made some postcards for an exchange through Stashbusters.  They were supposed to be a floral design and represent spring.  I made cartloads of flowers, represented by yoyos which were made by my friend Marlyn. 

Today I am grateful for cats... and dogs... for all the animals with which we share our lives... while right now I only have cats and a dog, I know our animal companions also come with feathers, scales, carapaces and shells.  Right now I have a kitty stretched across my arm, trying to help me type.  Each with their own personalities and needs, they certainly add whole dimensions to our existence through their companionship.  What would we do without them?... I pity those who live without pets.

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