Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hidden Wells, pt. 2

I am almost finished with my hidden wells quilt, or at least I hope so.  I went to a sew-in tonight and worked on it there.  Unfortunately, the lady who brings the iron didn't show up tonight, so I sewed the blocks together and sort of finger-pressed them, which was tough with all those bias edges and seams.  Putting the blocks into rows wasn't so bad, sewing the rows together was a real b*tch though.

Then I had to cut and sew on the first border without benefit of iron, of course.  Not sure if I got the sizes right onthe strips but it all seemed to come together alright.  No more bias edges!  I still have one more border to put on.  I also still have to put the border on the table runner I made with the leftover blocks. 

Anyway - here's the quilt:

As you can see, it's badly in need of a real pressing, but I'm really happy with how it came out... all those odd mis-matched fabrics and something pretty and unusual came out of them.

I am now planning a second hidden wells quilt with 7 fabrics, a lot of brights with a little black and a focal fabric that ties them all together.  We'll see how it comes out.  I am saving this second quilt to work on at my quilting retreat in November.

I have to admit the process of making these quilts is quite fun and addictive, but I'm not sure I enjoy working with all the bias edges.  I'm glad I put the first border on right away to secure those edges down - the starch I used wasn't quite enough, I'm afraid.

Well, time to head off to watch a little tv with the husband... a little non-quilting time is what I need now.

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  1. That turned out really neat. I've had a Hidden Wells planned for a while - need to try it out!