Thursday, May 23, 2013

Northern Wilderness Top is Finished

And here it is...

I finally finished making the pieced border and sewed on all three borders in the past couple of days (the last one went on yesterday - Weds. the 22nd of May). 

Making this quilt has been an amazing journey of trying to perfect my applique techniques and precision piecing.  Lots of fun!

I was going to consider sending this quilt to Stovers for quilting as I've seen some wonderful work come out of their company - but their website is disabled and I'm wondering if they're still in business.

It would make me very sad to have to find another custom quilter for this one.  For obvious reasons, an overall pattern or pantograph wouldn't work on this quilt at all.  It needs custom work and I don't want to quilt it myself.

Any suggestions on an alternative to Stovers?

Edit: Hooray!  Today I called Stovers and they are still there... they weren't even aware their website was down (*later edit*:  and it is now back up again).  I can still have them do my quilts!  I have two in the pipe, ready to send to them to have them do before I decide what level of quilting I want on this one (they have custom and heirloom, and I'm not sure which one I want... they also have pantographs, but I KNOW I don't want that).

Anyway, didn't mean to worry anyone - Stovers is still there and quilting away!


  1. I love this quilt. I saw the pattern/kit on a trip to alaska, but it wasn't in the budget then. Still hope to make one some day.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful. Love the combination of applique and piecing on the blocks.

  3. Having lived in Canada - while it is not Alaska the beauty of the two places is very similar - what n outstanding quilt you have made - Congrats and I can't wait to see it quilted.

  4. I love this top. My friends own a cabin in Alaska (We do live in NJ but they built it before kids) and I would love to make them this top for them. I have just ordered the pattern. I hope mine comes out as lovely as yours.