Monday, March 10, 2014

Making Progress via the 1-3-5 method

So I've been using this 'to-do list' at and actually getting things done!  Which is wonderful for me, because I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator.  Did I say a bit?  I am great at understatement too.  Anyway - I've been a lot more productive since I started making a 1-3-5 list every day.

Today, while I am still on my 'virtual retreat cruise', I decided that finishing the borders on 'Autumn Joy' was the primary order of the day.  I got it done!  Now, of course, it needs the back pieced and quilting, but that can be tomorrow's project.

Here is the finished top:

Autumn Joy, with my own design for borders
I did learn by doing why some people applique their borders before attaching them.  Wrestling the entire quilt through the machine while doing the applique was difficult, but in this case required, since the borders had to go on first due to placement of the motifs straddling seams.  I'm kinda pleased too that I made all the leaves and acorns in the borders out of left over fabrics from the interior of the quilt.  Oddly, some months the LQS that ran the BOM program gave too much fabric (and other times, not enough). 

I'm glad I went with a plaid border, and super glad I found a darker plaid that still went with the quilt.  Thanks to all who helped me decide on a border.

I also am working on a Carpenter's Wheel quilt that I started in a class on a REAL cruise through the Caribbean.  I got the first border on and am in a quandary as to what to use for an outer border... or does it even need one?

Stellar, a split carpenter's wheel.

 I considered a matching blue fabric, but can't find one... it's an odd purply blue and I can't find anything that looks good with it that's a close match.  I've considered a turquoise color like the one in the quilt, because it's the only color in the quilt that's not also in the first border, but it might be too clashy with the blue background of the quilt... So ideas are welcome... Please.


  1. leave it like it is.really beautiful

  2. I like it just like it is!! Beautiful!!!

  3. It's beautiful as it is so I wouldn't add another border.

  4. It is really pretty, but I'm one who likes a wider border to "finish" a quilt. I think an orangy-yellow batik or marbled fabric would look really good, and make it look more finished. Just my opinion, of course! :)