Monday, November 17, 2014

Making tops

Finally the Saint Bernard quilt top is finished.
I put on a plaid border and didn't match the plaids... Or well I DID make an effort to match the plaids, but I matched the START of one strip to the start of the next, and they weren't cut straight, so by the time the stripes got to the END of the first strip for each side, the plaids didn't match any longer... something I didn't think of.  Anyway when it's all quilted, I'm hoping it will be all good and no one will really notice.  To me, right now however, the mismatched plaids stand out like a sore thumb.  (ah the downside to all those years making clothes, and matching plaids and other patterns.)

I also made this cute little top at retreat:
I think I will save it to be the center of my mini-group's round robin next year.  It might be fun to see what my friends will do to add borders to it!

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  1. I love your quilt with cat!!! For me looks very beautiful !