Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend at the Beach - on retreat again

What did you do this weekend?  Did you quilt?  Did you craft?  Did you do something fulfilling for you?  I sure hope so!

I went to a quilting retreat at the beach.  Filled my sense of wonder at the beauty of the sun going down over the water.

Sewed for 3 straight days while enjoying the company of other quilters and crafters.  Lots of sewing and knitting going on, and a little embroidery too!   Lots of eating and chocolate involved as well.  Not to mention the wine and the margueritas!

Many thanks to the crew who work so hard to give the rest of us 4 days of relaxation, fun, sewing and shenanigans.   You know who you are!

I made eight appliqued blocks/quilt tops, a quilted kindle cover and a dog themed quilt for donation to Sunny Saints St. Bernard Rescue to auction off to make money to rescue more precious gentle giants.  (I got my Maggie through Sunny Saints and couldn't love her more!  So this is a way to pay it forward for the next dogs who need a loving person to step in find them good homes.)  The quilt has St. Bernards on it, and came out super cute.  Here is a picture of it, sans borders for now, but I have a really cute plaid to use in the border.

Hope your weekend was even half as nice as mine... but as much fun as the retreat was, I am glad to be home, back with my husband, my beautiful Saint, Maggie, and my kitties, Pan and Squeak.


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