Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year

Yes, a new year has  begun, which means an end to the old year.  I have been finishing up some year long projects: a Saturday Sampler and a couple of BoMs.  The BoMs are still 'in progress' - one is pinned and ready to quilt, the other is just pieced and appliqued, still needs a back and batting:
I added the borders and they threatened to swallow the whole quilt.... not what I was expecting... Rather than chop off some of the width of border in the HOPES that it would alleviate the problem, I added some applique of my own design.  

The dog of course is our dear Maggie, who wouldn't move despite my attempts to get her up and out of the picture.  She wouldn't be budged.

The BoM is called Bertie's Winter and looks like this:

It was lots of fun to make and I can't wait to finish quilting it. 

I also worked on another BoM called Bertie's Year (same cute bird as in Bertie's Winter, but it was a year long project).  I am still finishing up the November and December blocks of that one, and no pic to share yet.

I have another Saturday Sampler in progress (that one ran February thru January, so it's not done yet).

Looking forward to another year of BoM's, Saturday Samplers and just projects to do of all sorts.  I'll even be doing a round robin with my mini-group.   A fun year to look forward to!

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