Friday, January 16, 2015

One finish... one WIP

I finished a quilt ... my first for 2015!  It is called City Zebra...

It is a challenge quilt - my guild is holding a challenge to make a quilt with a funny animal or an animal in a funny situation... This was my attempt to meet the challenge.  The 'reveal' comes next month at our meeting.  I hope it goes over well.

I also worked on my Bertie's Year quilt.  It has sashing, but no borders... which I'm debating the width and design of.
I'm considering a 3" border (the sashing is 2")... or a 2" border... or something else? I would love to make a sawtooth border but I don't want to make the quilt that much bigger... I'd like it to fit on a wall, and it IS getting big.  Any ideas?

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