Sunday, July 26, 2015

Moving along...

The mystery quilt I made, laid out on a bed, takes on an entirely different look!
It's still busy - but not unpleasantly so... I like it, and glad it has a great home where it will be appreciated.  Amazing how something so subtle like seeing the quilt on a bed as opposed to on a design wall makes it take on a whole new look.

On another subject entirely, our move went smoothly... We are in our new home now.  We moved closer to the beach for the cool weather, and moved right into a heat wave.  Sad, as our new house has no air conditioning, but we are handling it okay - opening the house up in the morning and early evening to take advantage of the cool breeze then, and closing things up during the warmest part of the day to keep things cool.   Just opening things up and shutting them down during the day seems like a big job - we're realizing just how big this house is during the progress... it just doesn't see so big until you have to traverse it multiple times a day... it seems to get bigger and bigger... lol.

We are getting very tired of opening boxes and putting things away... but it has to get done.  All the master bedroom boxes are done with, as are the kitchen and dining room boxes... and the boxes for the hallway closets.  We just have a few rooms left to do - the game room isn't finished, and the living room hasn't been tackled yet, neither has the sewing room.  That last is going to be a BIG job, since i have so much fabric.  Once the boxes are done in there, I still have to put up a new design wall and the inevitable television (can't survive without a tv in my studio... what can I say?  I'm an addict).  

It will be weeks before we are finished most likely, but we ARE working on it.  Any progress is good, that's how I'm looking at it, and we do something related to unpacking every day... some days more, some days less, but always progress.  We have made a promise to each other not to live with unopened boxes, like we had in our old house - we found things in boxes that we hadn't opened since we moved in to that house 20 years ago - SO not happening again... not here, not now, not this time. 

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  1. very pretty and i agree, not too busy at waiting on call from senior housing so will be up to my neck in boxes soon like you....keep on keeping on!