Monday, October 5, 2015

Where have I been ? ? ? ?

Moving!  I moved from one town in So. Calif. to another about 30 miles closer to the beach (for the cooler weather).  We officially moved on July 16th, and have been unpacking and settling in for the past couple of months.  We bought two new sofas for the den and living room and are now hanging art around the house... there is a LOT of art to hang (between quilts and prints and paintings.... sigh). 

I have a new studio... and while the fabric isn't ALL as readily accessible as it was in the old house, it is all shelved and ready to use (some piles of fabric are behind others, so a little hard to get to, but I'll manage - the Costco metal shelves are very deep, but they are what we had to work with).  I have access to all my books and patterns, fat quarters, tools and notions, it all works... just waiting on my design wall (not a high priority just yet in the whole scheme of 'to-do' lists).

I have been able to work on my BOM projects and other things (like making pillowcases... this is one of our new sofas with the pillowcases I made today:

 We don't exactly live AT the beach, but the pillows have a nice beachy vibe to them.

I have been sewing through all the chaos, albeit not as much as I'd like to have been.  I am working on 7 or 8 different bom projects, all in progress at present.  I've also been taking a Thursday night 'class' (class is a loose term as it's more like an open sew time).  I made this quilt as my first Thursday night project:

I love stars, and it's a pretty blue, teal, purple and green quilt.. my favorite colors together.  A Buggy Barn 'crazy' piecing project.

Then, not done with the whole Buggy Barn craziness, I made this on Thursday nights too, just finished this week (well, not exactly finished, as it's not quilted yet):

So as you can see, I've been busy with more than moving in...

We've been kind of overwhelmed too with the money pit of a house we bought... I know, everyone says their new house is a money pit, but we had to demolish a pool (more then just filling it with dirt, as the old pool has to be broken up, and THEN filled with dirt... took almost a week and a half.  Now we are in the middle of roof repairs, which with the predicted El Nino year, is getting difficult as most reputable roofers are overbooked already... and we just had a little LIGHT rain and had a leak.  sigh.  And these are just the big things... we've had lots of little things come up as well.  Hopefully all will be done before the rains hit in earnest.

In the meantime, I will just enjoy my new studio (which has no leaks), and keep a bucket in the master bathroom (where there is one). 

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