Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Quilt that Never Ends...

This Harry Potter quilt never seems to find an end....  More blocks keep getting released... the 'extras'.  So far, we've had the 4 house crests and the Deathly Hallows... and still to come:, another (different) Dobby block (which I probably won't make since I already made one for each quilt), platform 9 3/4, who knows what else might still come... wouldn't at all mind if there were a Draco Malfoy block or a Luna Lovegood block too.  But oh, what to do with them all... I already have enough blocks to make 2 king sized quilts WITH pillow shams. 

Here are the latest blocks I've made for the quilt:

I also 'fixed' the June block for 'Out of This World' which I initially made with a mistake (the star block), and made the July block in the series (the one with the moons):

And I haven't been shirking on my Dear Daughter quilt either.... the latest (month 8 and 9, left and right below).  I am really loving this quilt and can't wait to finish it and present it to my daughter-in-law for her birthday in February. 

I'll be starting a mystery quilt in August, called the Mosaic Mystery Quilt by Meadow Mist Designs.  We only need 4 fabrics for the quilt - background (the dark teal), and three others... I chose a dimpled teal for my background and batiks for the A, B, and C fabrics... Hope they all play well together... The instructions say all colors will touch the background, but never touch each other, so the varied textures and colors should work okay... I hope!  Ah, the uncertainties of making a mystery quilt!

I do love a good mystery quilt... which is weird, because I'm not a fan of mystery books... I read one chapter, get bored, and then skip to the end to find out who did what to whom... then I go back and skim the rest of the book to see what happened to get to that point.  I've always read mysteries that way, starting with Nancy Drew as a child... more weirdness on my part, I guess.  I don't read anything else like that...

While I'm working on all the above, I've got other projects getting left behind in the dust... sigh.  I really do need to get to work on them and finish some UFOs.  But I'm having so much fun with the new Harry Potter game, and still playing Pokemon Go, and they take some time out of every day...  I need some time management skills!  Help!

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