Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Projects, Old Issues

Why, oh why, am I starting new projects with so many UFOs hanging over my head?  Yet here I am - with new beginnings.  First, I agreed to be part of an exchange of blocks last September.  I finally got the blocks back from the other gals, and put mine together.

The quilt was designed by Susan Claire (  Eight friends and I decided to do ours as an exchange, dividing the quilt into 9 sections.  I chose to put mine on a very dark grey background.  The others opted for a very light grey.  I like the way it looks on the dark better - but that's just me.  I sashed and assembled the blocks and put borders on this week (took 3 days!).  But now I have yet again another flimsy that needs to be quilted.

My mini-group decided to make a series of seasonal quilts from a book by Vicki Schweitzer.  We decided to start with summer so we'd have plenty of time to finish the quilt and enjoy it for the season we made it for.  (If we'd started with spring it would have been at least half over before we got to hang the quilts).  The top went much faster than I expected it to - I guess I'm getting better at machine applique (I don't do hand applique at all... tried it - not my cup of tea).  I modified the pattern a little, but this is it - again, not quilted yet...

I really need to get through my pile of tops and start actually QUILTING.  Meanwhile my longarm sits gathering dust in the family room.  I'm surprised my husband hasn't blown a gasket by now - though he does hint from time to time about how much I spent on it and that I'm not using it.  Nudge nudge nudge.... *cries*... I wish I could get over being intimidated by it all.


  1. These projects are lovely - I especially like the first one and love it on the dark, I agree, it would not look as good on a lighter background.
    Good luck getting over your fear of your machine. You could always make up some test/practice quilts? Just get some batting and sheet for the top and bottom - then just practice. It would not matter if you made any boo boos, and then you will be ready to take on the UFO's!

  2. Just saw your quilt on the Quilting Gallery contest. Would it be okay if I posted a pic of it on my blog? Love it.
    Also, I went to Susan and couldn't find that oriental pattern, can you help?

  3. Get out that can of oil, grease her up and get moving!!! You can do it!!!

  4. I love the asian quilt. It came out wonderful. I sure wish it were mine.