Friday, March 11, 2011


I hate to steal Charlie Sheen's favorite phrase, but lately that's what I've been doing.

I entered a contest at Quiltmaker Magazine to win one of their '100 blocks from today's top designers'.  I just got an email saying I won one of the blocks.  I also entered to win a piece of hand painted fabric from Mickey Lawler (at  I won that too!... I feel like it's time to go buy a lottery ticket!  hmmmm...

Anyway - it feels good to win something.

Looking forward to going to a quilting retreat in May... Should be fun!  I organize this retreat once a year in Ramona - we all go stay in a resort and sew and play for 4-5 days.  I get to make up goodie bags for everyone, and find quilting games to play, make up a simple project for people who want to make something little as a memento of the retreat... it's all good fun.  And this year I don't have to cook - other people have volunteered to do the cooking!  (another win for me?) 

I made three postcards for exchanges at postcardpizzazz yahoo group.  And I finished them early, so they will be off in tomorrow's mail!  Usually I'm late finishing things.  Maybe this new timeliness is the best win of all - now to just keep it up!

My postcards:  The first is a picture of a sailing vessel my husband snapped in Tortola on our recent Caribbean vacation.  The second is for a black & white with one other color exchange.  The artwork isn't original, but coloring it and making it into a fabric postcard was hard work nonetheless.

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