Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The naming of blogs...

The naming of blogs is a serious matter... it isn't just one of your everyday games.... OK, sorry for stealing from T. S. Elliot.  Dawn over at her blog asked why/how people named their blogs.  So here's my answer:  I love puns.  It's that simple... I loved the play on words.   No big deep secret here. 

But if you're here, feel free to look around.  Here's a little eye candy for you to enjoy while you're here:

I call this one 'All Colours are of God'.  It is based on Jacqueline de Jongg's 'Circle of Life' quilt, except mine has been miniaturized to 18.5x18.5 inches and I replaced the central lonestar with a spiral lonestar.  This quilt has won several awards, and has been displayed at Road to California and Houston, among other places:

This quilt was released this year at Bunny Hill Designs as a free block of the month.  It might still be available free, but not for long.  It is called 'Henrietta Whiskers'.  I just love squirrels, so I HAD to make this quilt.

My mini-group, The Stitchin' Sisters, are making seasonal quilts this year.  We have already made summer and fall.  This is my latest one, Winter Wonderland.  I am actually still quilting it, just the borders left to go.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Comments are welcome! :)


  1. Wonderful quilts! Especially love your one titled "All Colours are of God". I can see how it has won so many aawards :o)
    And what a great blog name...great play on words. When I first saw your name, I was wondering if you were also a murder mystery book fan :o) So nice to meet you!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I goofed up on my link, so Dawn so sweetly added me back to the list. I would love if you get a chance to stop by and if you do, please leave a comment so that I know you were there.

  2. Oh I haven't been to Road to California since I moved several years back, wish I would have seen your quilt AND you!

    I agree, your All Colours are of God is amazing. Something I wouldn't try, so intricate looking.

    warm quilt hugs, sue in CA