Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lost and Found

I thought I'd lost a bunch of UFOs... not too many - just a few missing here and there... my blue raspberry parfait quilt, my french kitties quilt, my animal skin bento box, a few more.  So, my husband and I went through parts of the garage.  We found a lot of stuff we didn't need in the process... recycled some old boxes, took a truckload of stuff to Goodwill, AND found two bins of 'projects' - my UFOs!!!

So I started going through them today.  I opened and emptied one bin.  Most of what I found are projects I inherited from other quilters... projects I have no interest in completing!   Luckily, there is this wonderful woman named Gladys in Iowa who takes these PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) and turns them into finished quilts for charity.  Here is one of two piles of these unwanted projects:

I will send these to Gladys tomorrow - they are all boxed up and addressed, ready to ship!  Yay... what a relief!

That leaves the stuff that I might someday want to finish... still far too many projects to contemplate... but I have to add them to my UFO list.  This bin has been sorted and it's all 'keepers':

This is the bin I haven't started on yet, but looks like (from the surface), mostly 'keepers':

What WAS I thinking starting new projects with all these old ones left to complete?  GAH!!!! 

But at least I found them... I will have things to take on retreat with me on Nov 10th-13th.  I will have to pick and choose from among these projects for things to work on at the retreat.  I have gone from 'OMG, I will have to fill four days with sewing projects and I have nothing to work on'  to 'OMG, I have all these projects to work on... what WILL I actually take with me???'  ... From famine to feast!

It feels so good to actually find what I was looking for though... there was a time before we organized things that I would never have found them, and they would have never been all together... Bless 'OrganizeThis' and all professional organizers... you are all amazing people and make miracles for the chronically disorganized - like me!

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