Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let There Be Tree...

And lo, the wife said 'Let there be tree' and there was tree.  Courtesy of DH, who set it up day before yesterday.  We decorated it today.  This year's theme is Star Wars, so all our Star Wars ornaments are on the tree, plus lights and some garland...

Of course if you look very carefully, the tree is not alone... Here's another view showing my fabric approval department encamped under the tree:
This is Pan (short for Pandora)... she has always loved fabric and has to approve all fabrics brought into the house.  She adopted our purple velvet tree skirt the very first year we got it - about 1995 or so... and still loves it to this day.  She obviously approves of the fact that we set up the tree this year.

Thank you to all who encouraged me to do this... it is so nice to see it twinkling over by the stairs while we sit here and sip tea and watch 'Philadelphia Story' tonight.  Gotta love these old movies on TCM.

Only thing missing is some hand sewing to make it complete... I think I'll get off the computer now and work on some more hexies while I watch!

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  1. I really love the thought of a Star Wars Christmas Tree;-)
    And I know how important Christmas and it´s traditions is for cats! Our cats also love the tree skirt and all the paper, and nuts that wander of under the sofa...and so on!

    Christmas greetings from an "almost new" follower in Sweden