Sunday, December 4, 2011

WAYWO Sunday

It's been a while since I posted here... a little depression mostly has kept me away from doing much work.  I did take some pictures this week of quilts I have worked on recently.  I started this bento box quilt about 3 years ago, and finished sewing the interior of the quilt at the last retreat I went on.  It still needs borders... I think...

I also finished up the sashing on my horse quilt.  It is a Buggy Barn design, and the horses need buttons for eyes yet, but I have to finish up the border on this one too - but I ran out of grass fabric, I'll have to find something else for the border...

I also finished up Paris Cats - The applique is on, and the quilt is ready for quilting... I even made a back for it - just have to get in there and quilt it!

And another Buggy Barn design... this one based on their 'Crazy Rays' but done in RW&B.  I was hoping to donate it to quilts of valor, but I need to find someone who will quilt it for them, as I've kinda lost interest in finishing it.  We'll see... If I can't find someone, maybe I'll find the enthusiasm to do it myself sometime in the future.

And lastly, this weekend, I made 8 fabric postcards.  I made my first postcard snowglobes this weekend - It took a little work to make the snowglobe part - some vinyl, careful stitching and some seed beads for the 'snow'.  They actually came out kinda cute.  And I got so excited over the success with the snowglobes that I forgot to put fabric on the backs of 5 of the postcards before I did the edge-stitching on them.  Whoops!  So I added backs and just did a straight stitch about 1/8" in from the edge to hold the backs in place... Hope they hold up. 

At least I did something creative this weekend... otherwise it would have been a total waste - I spent most of the weekend watching movies on TCM and AMC... They were showing old westerns, romantic comedies and musicals... I couldn't resist.  I really need to turn off the TV and do more creative things with fiber... Maybe I have too many passions... sigh


  1. Oh, I love the horses! Hey - The Quilts of Valor Foundation has a system set up for people to donate quilt tops and they'll get them to a long-armer who donates quilting time to them. I don't have any links for you, but if you Google them you ought to be able to find out where to send your quilt top.

  2. LynCC - Thanks for that information - I actually have some QOV regulars in my quilt guild and my mini group has donated to QOV as well. I will have to make contact with them to see if they will take this quilt - I really like it, I just think I'm done with it and would like it to go to a good cause.