Sunday, December 11, 2011

To Tree or Not to Tree...

That is the question... I can't decide whether or not to put up our holiday tree this year.  My son moved out of the house... It's just me and Joe now... He put up the outside lights, but I just can't make up my mind if it's worth all the effort for just the two of us...

We bought this year's Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments from Hallmark - we have every year's ornaments except to the very first Star Trek one.  We have so many of them now that we alternate years between the franchises.  One year we do Star Wars, the next year we do Star Trek and then back again.

But this year it just seems so pointless to put up all the decorations without family to share them with.  The two of us can just put the presents on the top of the piano without a tree.  Somehow that seems kind of dull, but where to get the energy to set up the tree?

I think I need to consider this further.

On the quilting front, I made a bunch of new fabric postcards and mailed them out last week before the holidays.  And I have gotten back to work on my hexagon quilt.  

I make two hexagons of fabric - one 5" across, one 3.5" across, and a 3.5" hexagon cut from batting... layer them large hexagon wrong side up, center the batting on top of that, and then put the 3.5" piece of fabric on top of the batting right side up.  Then I double fold the large hexagon over the small one and hand sew the edge like binding.  This makes a small hexagon shaped layered quilt block.  (Want to see pictures of this process?  please drop me a comment if you'd like me to make a tutorial with pictures showing how to make these)

When I have enough of them, I will slip stitch them all together to make a quilt - so far I have about 300 of them.... haven't decided how many I want to do to make a finished quilt.

I figure it will take about 1225 of them to make a king sized quilt that will fit my bed... Do I actually want to make that many of these little gems?  I'm not sure... I am fussy cutting them all out of cat fabrics and I was hoping to make each one unique.  I AM sure I don't have 1225 different cat fabrics in my stash.  Now my stash of cat fabrics that I collect is pretty vast, but it's not that big.  I may have to reconsider my methodology or numbers.  Maybe a lap quilt would be better, LOL.


  1. I think you need to put up your tree. :D *Especially* since your son is out now. You need to break the bleh feeling, and what better way than to figuratively say "we two are important enough to put a tree up for." Plus, if your hubs put the house lights up, that's indicator that he would appreciate the tree. :)

  2. P.S. Yes! I'd love a picture tutorial about your hexie process. It sounds marvelous to do it in a quilt-as-you-go technique. So, you just make them and attach them until you get to a size you want, and you're all finished - right?

  3. i know what you mean about wavering on putting up the tree. but you should put one up. even if it's a small tree, just put one up because you will start to feel more in the spirit of Christmas. i was thinking of not putting my village up, and once i started, i just felt it was the right thing to do.

  4. This hexagon loving person always likes to see how others do things. Well any type of quilting for that matter.