Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday Present

So today is my birthday and I bought a new sewing machine.  Well, not new new, but new to me.  I purchased another Bernina 440 on ebay today.  Another, you say?  Yes I already own a Bernina 440, but I need a machine I can take to classes and retreats without breaking down the one in my studio and dragging it around.  This one I can keep in a traveling case all the time.  I got a good deal on it - not great, but good.  And I look forward to picking it up, hopefully in the next day or two.  Pick up, you say?  Yes, the seller lives locally to me, so I don't have to pay for shipping. 

I'm very excited about my new birthday present, which is a good thing, because the rest of my birthday plans don't look like they will be coming to fruition.  We were all set to go to Mt. Pinos tonight and watch the Perseid meteor shower.  Unfortunately, Mt. Pinos and the entire Frazier Park area is experiencing thunderstorms.  In fact most of the Los Angeles area is ringed with thunderstorms, so there's like no direction we can go to watch the meteors where there isn't a lot of light pollution.  Sigh.

We are contemplating new plans but haven't made any concrete decisions yet.  What to do for my birthday?  I'd like to go see the new movie that's out 'Hope Springs', but since my friend who will be with us is fairly recently divorced, this might bring up painful thoughts, since it's about a couple that's been married a long time.  We could go out to dinner or something, but what do we do with the rest of the night?  I'm not a barhopper or partier really, so doing a pubcrawl or the like is out of the question.  I'm a lightweight when it comes to anything alcoholic.  My idea of heaven if we can't go see the meteor showers is to sit home and watch old movies or maybe even something on DVD, but that wouldn't be fun for my friend or my husband really.  Actually, my husband would probably enjoy it, but my friend wouldn't. 

Maybe I'll get an email from the seller on ebay and I can go pick up my new machine tonight.  That would be fun for me, but not for my friend or husband. 

We'll see what develops, I guess.

Maybe I'll stay home and sew on my old machine!  

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