Monday, August 13, 2012

Cosmic Light Show

So we went up to Mt. Pinos after all.  The thunderstorms all cleared out and it was clear and dark.  We got to see lots of meteors and stars.  But it got pretty cold as the evening progressed, so we decided to drive home around 12:30 am or so.  It was a fun night after all!

I am picking up my new machine today!  I have to drive out to Ventura anyway and the machine is in Carpenteria, not far from there, so I'm picking it up rather than having it shipped.  I get it faster AND save shipping costs - win-win!

Today I get to relax a little til about noon... then take a nice relaxing drive out to pick up quilts at the fair and get my machine.  It should be cooler out by the beach too, so another plus for going there mid-day.

Anyway, I'm being catted*, so got to go now.

*Generally annoyed by a cat, usually one who comes and sits on you and kneads or rubs or otherwise demands your sole and undivided attention.

1 comment:

  1. What a spectacular shot. Well worth the night trip out. :)