Monday, August 6, 2012

Quilts at the County Fair

Well, today is my 30th anniversary.  Spent the morning at the County Fair, checking to see how the two quilts I entered did.  We had some of that yummy sweet corn-on-the-cob, walked around a while, were very good and didn't buy anything.   Tonight: dinner and a movie.  Not really looking forward to seeing Batman and I'm not sure why, but husband is all excited about it, so I guess we're going.

One of my quilts took an honorable mention - the comments on the quilt were pretty much what I expected - they liked the design and the bindings, but thought more quilting was needed.  I agree, just haven't found a matching thread color that I like with it yet.

Definitely needs more quilting.  Sigh... Maybe when I get it back?

My second quilt at the fair took a second place in its category, but also won a spotlight award, which is a big fancy ribbon.  I'm excited.

I hope I get to keep the ribbon!  (Last time one of my quilts got a big fancy ribbon, it was nominated for best in show at the Fair.  They displayed it with a big fancy 'nominated for' ribbon, which I didn't get to keep).

Anyway, I'm very happy with the results.

Tonight?  I'd rather stay home and watch gymnastics at the Olympics.  sigh....

In answer to a question in the comments section, the Kokeshi Dolls quilt was designed by Susan Claire of

The cat quilt was designed by John Simpkins and the pattern is available at

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  1. I adore both of your quilts. Wonderful whimsy kitty, and your doll quilt is beautiful. Did you design it all yourself?