Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A finish...

I finished one quilt that I just started (I know... too many are languishing unfinished but I was inspired).

This quilt was designed by Brenda Dean and I had a lot of fun making all the little kimonos.  The quilt itself took less than a day to piece and a day to quilt and bind.   Fun fun fun!

Using Brenda's technique to fold kimonos, I made a bunch out of indigo fabrics also for a guild challenge.  The challenge was to take two colors and make  a quilt.  Our two colors were randomly chosen - I got purple and violet.  We were allowed to add one color of our choice (I chose indigo), and a background color (I chose peach).  I am actually using the background color in the foreground.  I may get disqualified, but easier to get forgiveness than permission so I didn't ask ;) - Here is what I have so far:

Right now, the kimonos are just pinned on - and all the little beaded peach colored yoyo flowers are not on the quilt yet... nor are the sparkly gems and beads.  I hope it's pretty when it's done.  It is due to be finished by early April.  I have about 1/10 of the yoyos beaded so far... still lots to do!

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  1. How cool is that?~! I really love each one of these.