Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beautiful Day....

Today is SAD (Singles Awareness Day), for all my single friends, my condolences.  I hope you go out and have fun on your own and don't dwell on being alone... or even revel in it, celebrate it!  Not being dependent or co-dependent on a significant other can be a positive thing too!

Anyway, today dawned bright and clear and cool, and sadly warmed up beyond comfort levels and they are saying it is only going to get warmer as we approach the weekend.  I like the cooler weather, sigh.  Who knows, by Saturday, I may be back in tank tops and it's only February.

I went to play mah jongg with friends today and had an incredible morning, winning almost every game.  I actually felt a little bad cause I was hogging all the wins, but I was just SO lucky.  I know if I sign up to play in a tournament, I'll never have a day like this again... still it was fun to spend the morning with friends.

Then came the afternoon.  Big sigh.  First a quick trip to Target to pick up a couple of things.  Then a trip to JoAnn's for fabric.  I don't ordinarily buy fabric at JoAnn's but I needed some flannel to back a quilt. 

Now this is where the big sigh comes in.  My mini-group is making a baby quilt for the waitress who serves us at our favorite get-together spot.  She is expecting in 2 months.  One of our members had a quilt almost made and put some borders on it and donated it to the cause.  I am supposed to quilt it on my longarm, so that is my contribution, someone else is supposed to bind it.  The lady who supplied the quilt gave me batting, but it's not big enough to use on the longarm, so I am going to have to provide the batting as well.  And since no one else stepped up, I have to supply the backing as well. 

So.... off I went to JoAnn's.  I found the perfect piece of flannel to coordinate with the quilt.  I needed 3 1/2 yards.  They only had 2 1/2 yards of this fabric.  I found another fabric that kind of went with the first one.  They only had 1 yard of that.  So now I have to piece the back from these fabrics.  I am NOT washing them before I do this... I'm just NOT.  I know they will shrink terribly, but between the batting, the piecing of the back, which requires multiple sewing tasks... and then the quilting too, I will be DONE.  Just done. 

Anyway, needless to say, I'm feeling a little bit put upon, since a lot of our members aren't doing anything to assist.  We did have one other who offered to bind, so that's good, and very sweet of her to step up and offer.  I think I'm going to email and let them all know the situation so if anyone wants to step up and offer to wash and press, they can.

Am I being selfish?  Maybe a little, but I feel like providing the batting, the backing, AND the quilting is enough. 

Tonight should be good though.  DH and I are going out to dinner and maybe a movie.  I don't know about the movie, as nothing is playing that I feel like going to see tonight.  Maybe we will go out for dinner and come home and cocoon with the DVR.  We'll see....

Anyway - whatever you do tonight - enjoy yourself!

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