Monday, January 21, 2019


So I've been thinking a lot about that final border and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I will take it off and find something else to finish the quilt with... just have to decide what to use... maybe a tonal purple?  I'll have to audition some fabrics from my stash.

In the meantime, I've been working on this block from my Dear Daughter quilt:

Not 100% thrilled with it... I had to do some re-design work on the block, and I'm not happy about the changes I made.... Don't get me wrong, I like it better than the original, just not exactly what I was aiming for (the G is a little too small and angled wrong).  But it's DONE, and that's better than not.

As for me, well I've got lots to do, and I'm looking at changes to my life in a few ways... Wonderful group of women that I've been a part of for about 10 years has undergone many changes of late.  I got a nasty letter (anonymous) from one of them last week, and in my defense, only one of them spoke up.  My dear friend talked to others, and not one of them made any attempt to reach out to me, even privately.  Kinda lets me know where I really stand with them.  I don't feel so welcome as I did among them, and thinking maybe it's time to part ways.  This would make me very sad, especially since I don't have a large network of friends, but I have to think about how to lessen this angst and pain over all this.  Maybe I just need a time out?  I don't know.  Last week I stayed home rather than attend our weekly meeting, and I am dreading this Wednesday, when we meet again.  But one of them owes me almost $40.00 and I want to at least collect that.  So I'll go, try to be sociable and friendly, though I'm not feeling the love, going or coming. 

Okay, time to have a good cry and crawl back to the sewing machine for some unconditional love and some quality sewing time.

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