Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting There...

It's been a long time since I posted anything.  Just a quick update on everything.  Organization of the house moves on apace.  Most of the paperwork has been purged, either recycled or waiting for shredding.  We still have to deal with books and games, but the house looks like people can live it in finally.  My studio is ready for new ceiling and cabinets, but the contractor for the ceiling hasn't contacted me yet.  The ceiling better happen soon, or I won't get my cabinets. I'm not seething yet, but I'm not thrilled.  My todo list for tomorrow includes a phone call to the general contractor of course.

DH Joe has been great this weekend.  He put together my new Ikea chair and footstool, 5 sets of metal shelves and came with me to visit with friends in LA on Saturday.

I also finished a mystery quilt and am starting to learn hand quilting.  Not sure I'd want to make a career of hand quilting, but I'm enjoying learning how regardless... I have so much admiration and awe of incredible hand quilters like Bertha Stenge... and that awe is growing the more I learn about hand quilting.  I can't wait til my longarm is delivered and I can start machine quilting larger quilts, finish up some of those UFO's that are sitting unquilted in my WIP baskets.

Today was the weirdest day... despite all the things I did, I have been gripped by an overwhelming lethargy all day.  It's like there was something in the air... floating ennui, barometric changes... I don't know.  I hope tomorrow is better - it's my last day with the organizers til the week before thanksgiving.  I am hosting thanksgiving dinner here for friends and family, so I hope the house is ready to receive all.  New interior, new start, new life...

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  1. Just read all your posts (am a fellow stashbuster) and am in awe of what you have and are accomplishing...hope all is well and you are able to continue in your 'new start, new life'

    nancy b. in wyo.