Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato.... Floor

They started working on our new floors yesterday (Monday).  It was supposed to be a one day job... with another day or two for the stairs... Sunday, we finished packing up the last few things lying around on furniture and such.  We unplugged all the electronics, moved TVs and DVRs and such.  Monday morning we locked up  one cat in a bathroom and two more cats in the library.  Poor kitties were miserable all day with the noise and the strangeness of being locked up and all.  The installers didn't even get all the carpet up on the first day.... sigh.

Apparently our foundation is in very bad shape.  They ran into a problem with one of the old wood floors - it was laid down on and glued to tile underneath... and the tile was glued to the foundation... they had to chisel it off, leaving pits in the foundation.  Needless to say, there was a lot of cement being laid down to level everything off.  We slept in sleeping bags in bare rooms last night.   It was... less than pleasant.  Poor dog was locked in the master bedroom with a miserable cat.  Another cat stayed locked in the library (he wouldn't come out of hiding, he was so traumatized, poor thing), and the third cat slept in her usual room.

This morning, we locked up the cats again, and the installers pulled up the rest of the carpet and found more bad foundation.  They laid more cement to level it as much as they could, but said complete leveling was beyond what they could do.  I hope the floor lies flat, that's all... anyway...

It's 3pm and they have half the living room floor laid.  I really doubt they'll get any of the bedrooms started today, so not only will it be an uncomfortable night, it will be chilly and uncomfortable for the dog especially.  She hates her dog bed and the floors will all be hard.  She's gonna have to get used to sleeping on a dog bed really soon because I won't let her sleep on the sofas.

I have pictures of the rooms with no carpets... hopefully I'll soon have pictures of the rooms with floors.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to upload any pictures here... I think I'll have to lower the resolution so they don't get rejected.

On a brighter note, I finished (REALLY finished) another quilt.  My best friend's birthday quilt is done.  I'm gonna surprise her with it soon.  Picture of this quilt should appear in the slideshow soon.  I tried a little sewing today amid the chaos (they're not reflooring the family room where my studio is).  Yet it was still hard to work - half the living room furniture and all the electronics are in the family room, not to mention cement dust everywhere.  I finished one block and some cutting, but I just couldn't work in there. 

On another note, my new china cabinet hasn't arrived yet... it was supposed to be here Monday or today.  I haven't got my 24 hour warning call yet, so I doubt it will be here tomorrow either... I hope they didn't forget me, though I have to say I'm glad they didn't deliver it before the dining room floor got finished.  I look forward to all this being done at last and we can get on with the business of clutterbusting, painting and just living...

And my adult son can move out of the house and I can have my new longarm delivered!

Oh and more good news... my husband wants my truck and said I can get a new car (originally he wanted a new truck).  I'm gonna be looking for a newer Baja, but maybe I'll get an Outback instead.  (We both love Subarus).  I wish they were still making the Baja... I'd buy one in a flash.  Anyone out there have a 2006 Baja they want to sell?

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