Thursday, October 8, 2009


The floors are supposed to be done by today.  I'm supposed to drive to Camarillo today on a couple of errands, as well as pick up some new power strips for our house.  I have an appt. at four, bootcamp at 6, had to cancel my housekeeper for today (how can she work in a house with half it's floors, workmen around and cement dust everywhere?  She is coming Monday morning instead.

I've just found out that the installation of our new cabinets starts Monday in a room full of fabric, papers, furniture and electronics from the living room.

No problem, just move the stuff out... We are going to the theatre Friday night, have an engagement from about 11am til 10pm Saturday.  So we have Sunday... To clear out a room FULL of fabric and papers.  Not to mention OrganizeThis is coming on Monday as well to help put the house back in order.  HAH!... This is going to be a fiasco.  sigh

Out of chaos comes order (or is it the other way around... if so, I'm screwed)...

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