Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This morning, I forced myself to get up and out of the house - late, but out.  I finished the borders on Victory Garden before I left for class...
and took photos of that quilt and the unfinished Stars & Strips Forever.
Now I just need to finish it (borders and quilting) and write up the directions for the quilt and 'publish' the pattern.  I also need to finish and publish pattern #2 for my guild's b&w exchange.

On the way home from class, I picked up some cheap fabric at the J-store for the back of Victory Garden and pieced the back when I got home.  It's all ready to send to the quilter (I'm not doing this one myself).

Tomorrow starts another quilt run that I'll be going on with my friends Debbie and Marlyn.  It should be a lot of fun - I'm looking forward to the run, the companionship, and four days on the road, away from everything...  should I take the computer or not?  big question, but I probably will... Need to get my email fix every day, lol.

Anyway, time to head out for the gym, get some exercise and fresh air.

Today I am grateful for the simple capacity to smile.  Even when everything seems like a chore, there is a smile in so many little things in the day - from spending a little time with one of my cats, talking to friends, making something even if I can't finish it (yet), finishing something, greeting my husband at the end of a long day, sharing a joke with a friend... even a little smile - given or received, can brighten a gloomy day.

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  1. Your black and white quilt is very nice! Thank you for posting and sharing it!

    : )