Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Cal Quilt Run

Well, the run is over... for us at least.   Two friends, a 4 month old puppy and I traveled 980 miles in 4 days, hit 38 quilt shops, collected charms and patterns and had a lot of fun.  I bought too much fabric, but it was worth it... I did manage to curtail myself and keep the purchases lower than in previous years, but I still bought more than I wanted to.  I bought 3 books of patterns and just a little of this and a little of that.  I'm looking forward to making the new Buggy Barn Dragonfly quilt with some of the fabric I bought.  I started tracing the pattern tonight... I'll finish tomorrow and start pressing and planning my fabrics.  I got my 'Idiot' pin (it really says 'IDIDIT!' but it's all smooshed together and looks like it says 'IDIOT'.

Thanks to Marlyn and Debbie for going with me, making it a fun trip and keeping me awake when I started to fade while driving.  It was really amazing that we traveled without plans or reservations... managed to get a nice room in nice hotels (that accepted pets!) both nights we stayed out.  I love playing things by ear, something my husband can't deal with at all - he's a planner and a 'stick to the plan' kind of guy.  Sometimes it's nice just to be spontaneous.

On a completely other note, I'm feeling very guilty.  I missed my sister's birthday and didnt send her a card.  I should send out a belated card.  I promise to do that tomorrow.  I didn't get my husband a father's day card either... even tho he's not MY father, he did get me a card on mother's day.  It still makes me sad and wistful on mother's day and father's day - with both my parents gone, those days don't carry the same feeling they used to... sigh.

Today I'm grateful for fun.  Sometimes dealing with life's roller coaster doesn't allow for a lot of day to day fun.  Nice to take a break now and then and have some.

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