Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Done with the design...

I finally finished the design and pattern for a quilt for my guild.  The quilt looks like this:
I can't claim the design is all that original - it's 'just another chain quilt'.  I got the idea from 'Sandi's Mindless Sewing Challenge' on Stashbusters, but hers was made with 9 patches and squares.  I saw it in American Patchwork and Quilting done with 2 1/2" strips, but I didn't like their method of construction, so I did a little re-designing and came up with a different size and construction that I liked better.  (Credit where credit is due, not claiming it's FULLY original).  I will give out my version of the pattern to my fellow guild members for free, so I'm not making any money off it either.  I hope they like it.

I think it will look lovely done with floral fabrics - what a delightful way to welcome spring.  Totally appropriate since our strip exchange this season was for floral fabrics.  I can't wait to see what people do with it.  I'm sure they will think of original ways to put this together, so each quilt will be unique.

On a sour note, someone posted a not very nice comment to one of my blog posts... I edited the post because obviously it was misunderstood.  Still, unpleasant to read that someone thought I was being nasty and mean, when that wasn't what I meant.  Still, I can see how that could have been read into what I wrote, so I changed the posting.  Can't please everyone, I guess.  Probably will offend someone else now, but we'll see.

On an up-note, I finished half of my folk art cat quilt yesterday... I had to sash and connect the blocks in order to do the applique that extends out into the sashing.
 I love making this quilt - you can see the entire quilt at folk art cats - SO adorable... I hope mine comes out half as cute.  I just love kitties!


  1. your folk art cats are gorgeous and i like you chain quilt idea

  2. Love your chain quilt using the batiks--colors are perfect. The folk art cats are soooo cute. You did a fantastic job with both quilts.
    As to the the not-so-nice comment, why is it that people seem to have to comment like that? These days it seems there are just too many people that are blunt and just need to think twice before commenting. Just because a person doesn't agree with someone doesn't mean anyone else really cares about their negative opinion. I was taught if you can't say something nice, just don't say anything at all. I would not worry about them. After all this is your blog--no one said they have to read your comments.
    Rose H