Friday, May 13, 2011

How Do You Store Your Stash?

I've heard so many different things about storing stash and I'm really curious about how others store theirs.  Mine are mostly on shelves in my studio, with fat quarters in drawers designed just to hold them.  The shelves cover an entire wall of the studio, and the fabrics are mostly sorted by color, with a few shelves just for panels, backs, batiks, & Asians, regardless of color:

I store my fat quarters in a cabinet I had made to hold them.  (I really need to take a photo of them in the drawers).  They are all sorted by color except for the batiks and Asians.

I sort my strips by width (regardless of color) in plastic storage drawers on wheels so I can move them around my studio as needed.  I would stack them two-high, but I live in earthquake country and I'm a little afraid to go too high with them:

I also store and keep selvages which I use in a variety of projects.  I wrap these into balls, like you'd do with yarn, regardless of color.  I'm beginning to regret that a little bit because sometimes I like to plan my layouts with them, but I hate the mess they make when they are just jumbled in a drawer.

I still have some fabrics in bins in the garage, and these are where I am in a quandary.  My precious cat fabrics plus some specialty things I don't use often (like flannels), and simply overflow from the shelves are all stored in the bins.  I've heard that heat and cold DO affect fabric, as well as changes in dampness in the air (even though they are in plastic bins, they are not airtight).  I'm also concerned about insects.  I've heard other folks say they store their fabric in places where heat and cold are an issue as well and they aren't concerned at all, and I just am not sure whether to be worried or not.

What do you do to store your fabric and what environmental issues concern you about fabric and thread storage?


  1. i am sooooo impressed and jealous of your studio! very very nice

  2. Love the wall of shelves.