Thursday, May 26, 2011


So my lonestar is done but I haven't been idle.  I put borders on my scrappy plaid quilt.  I'm so happy.  You know how usually when you mitre borders, one corner always ends up wonky and 'not right'?   For a change, all four corners mitred perfectly!  Here it is:

I'm satisfied with the quilt and the borders though I think I made the first white border a little too wide... not gonna change it now, but it should have been 1 1/2 inches instead of 2 I think.

I worked on two BOMs this month.  The first is an online BOM called Henrietta Whiskers.  Here are the first 5 blocks:

I just love squirrels, so I HAD to do this one.  The sixth block background is in the picture, but we haven't gotten directions for the applique part yet.  All parts of the BOM are still available at Henrietta Whiskers BOM .  I'm not crazy about the muted Moda colors - not my personal aesthetic, but I decided to use them anyway.  It will make a cute fall wallhanging.

I worked on my second BOM - Folk Art Cats - from a LQS.   The kitties are adorable.  We've done 9 of the 12 blocks so far:

I love kitties even more than I love squirrels, so this one is truly a labor of love for me.  The cats are so weird and wonky, but still adorable.  I especially like the pirate kitty with the eyepatch.

June will be filled with 3 weekends of quilt runs so who knows if I will have any time to sew at all... I hope I do.  I will have two new BOM blocks to do in June, so I will have to make time for those at least.  Sewing time is like a little bubble of sanity for me... and trust me, sanity is in very short supply these days...

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  1. The scrappy plaids really sparkle! And I have had my eye on the squirrel applique. Yours is turning out nicely.