Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lone Star Done

Finished my lone star quilt and I can't say I'm disappointed in it, though the quilting could have been better.  I kinda rushed through the quilting part of it.  Here's the finished quilt:

I added some panel sections I had in my stash, just appliqued them on.  Other than the panels, it came out very much like the initial design I did on EQ7:

Saw a demo of paper piecing today and it was painful - everything was pretty old school - no add-a-quarter rulers, no butterfly principle, lots of wasted fabric.  It was a great demo for beginners and a good way for them to learn the basics, but for me it was hard to watch and say nothing.  I spent the time biting my knuckles to keep my mouth shut.  But I managed it.  No one likes some know-it-all to speak out and interrupt the teacher with 'a better way' to do something.  Teachers spend a lot of time and effort preparing their lessons.  So I kept quiet, but it was hard to do.  There are different ways of doing everything and the teacher's way just wasn't my way.  Nothing wrong with that.  Learning to accept other ways of doing things is one of the toughest lessons I've ever had to learn and today was a small victory for me in that regard.

A friend came by today to look for a piece of fabric to border her quilt with.  We auditioned about 5 or 6 different purples til we found the perfect one.  This is proof positive to me that I have too much stash.  When your friends come to your house instead of the LQS to shop  for fabric - you have too much of the darn stuff... Time to trim my stash I think.  But the question is - HOW?  Have a fabric yard(age) sale?  Donate what I don't love anymore?  That of course means going THROUGH the stash and reacquainting myself with it all.  That in itself could be dangerous and would it really be worth my time?  Maybe I could make it a girlfriend's project.... enlist friends to help me sort it all?  We could make it a party day with the fabric!   OK... it's my stash... a party week.  Still could be fun.  I'll have to think on it...


  1. What a beautiful Lone Star!! You made me chuckle about you stash and think (very momentarily!!) about going through mine again.

  2. I love this Lone Star done with animal prints, it's very, very striking. Good job!!!