Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Quilt Run

Do you take a FART* now and then?  or do you avoid it like the plague? 
   (* FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip, or Quilt Run)

Me?  I love quilt runs.  I get a kick out of going from shop to shop and seeing what's new.  Each shop puts their best foot forward and it's like visiting little mini quilt shows.  And sometimes you can win nice prizes.  Last year on the So. California Quilt Run, I won a $500 gift certificate that I could use at any of the shops that were on the run.  What a fun surprise at the end of the run!  This year, from one of the shops, I won a little bag of neutral fabrics that will make great backgrounds for small applique projects.  I don't expect to win any of the big prizes at the end again - lightning rarely strikes twice yanno, but I hope one of my friends wins something this time.

I started the run on Thursday with my friend, Marlyn.  We spent all of Thursday, Friday and Saturday going from shop to shop.  Oh my - she's got 22 years on me and has more energy than I do!  I hope I have half her energy and get-up-and-go-go when I get to 80!  We drove, and shopped, and spent too much money on fabric and food, stayed in a Motel 6 for one night (not as bad as I expected, but it was cheap).  Next weekend we will finish the last 6 shops we have left.  We have had SO much fun! 

I bought a back for a quilt I've been putting off finishing for months.  Now I can quilt it and call it done.  Here's the quilt.

The back is a green and purple plaid.  It's a little too purple and not enough violet to go with the quilt, but I'm gonna make it work.  I didn't have the quilt with me when I bought it, so I had to guess if it would go.  But it was discounted, so I took the risk.  I'm not thrilled with it, but I'll live with it.

I also bought Bunny Hill's pattern 'Pumpkin Hill'  because it has squirrels on it.  I just love the little rascals and I'm doing BH's free BOM 'Henrietta Whiskers' online.  I saw this one and fell in love with it.  Just what I need - another project!  sheesh, what was I thinking?  But sometimes it is our UFOs, PIGS, WIPs and WHIMMs that push us into setting goals!  This one is a WHIMM, and I will have to turn it into a WIP soon!

(UFO = UnFinished Object, PIGS= Project In Grocery Sack, WIP = Work In Progress, WHIMM - Work Hidden In My Mind)

Hope you all have enough of these goal-setting gems to keep you sewing along.  (I have enough to last a couple of lifetimes already, and enough fabric to make them all probably too.  I know my husband thinks I have enough fabric, and he's probably right.  But I think fabric contains pheremones that call to quilters 'buy me, buy me, take ME home with you'.  lol.) 

Have a great quilty day!


  1. Here in Australia we have S.E.X.
    Stash Enhancement eXercise

  2. and I live with H.W.S.
    He Who Suffers
    (I thought this one up years ago even before I was a quilter)of which my HWS is the original and the best.
    All HWS's are married to S.W.Q.
    yep, you guessed it, She Who Quilts.