Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Gloom

That's what we are beset with here in the LA area - June gloom!  I don't mind it so much - the marine layer keeps the temperature down, but it is kinda gray and depressing out.  Good weather to stay home and quilt!

I put borders on my Flower Garden quilt.  What a difference the borders make!  Sometimes borders are just there to make the quilt bigger, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but I really think the borders should enhance the quilt.  I'm a big fan of pieced borders because of this concept.  But this time, I put in a narrow border (2 1/2") as an "eye-stopper" and then added a floral that brought out the blues, greens and peaches in the quilt.  I had to put a thin piece of color between the two borders, so I added a narrow (1/4") fillet of peach.  Here's the original quilt with only the eye-stopper:

and here it is with the final borders added:

I think it came out ok... Now... to quilt it!

OMG I am overwhelmed with quilt tops that need to be quilted... I really have to get started using my longarm.  I have received several great ideas from the ladies on Stashbusters on getting going with my machine ... and I've joined some longarm support groups.  Maybe by the time summer is over I will actually start using it.  I'm still a little... no.  Who am I kidding...  I'm a LOT scared of the thing.

What I really want is someone to come over and teach me how to use this thing... stay with me during some of the learning curve.  I'm willing to pay someone to come work with me, but there's no such service out there... the teachers all want me to come to them.  It's not the same.  I need to learn how to use MY machine, yanno?

Anyway - enough whining - there are more quilts to be made and more stash to be busted....

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