Monday, June 27, 2011

The Year of Applique

I've done a lot of pieced quilts, even done several this year, but it has been turning into the year of applique for me.  I'm working on so many appliqued BOMs.  I've got Folk Art Cats, Pumpkin Hill, Henrietta Whiskers, four seasonal quilts with my minigroup, Kokeshi Dolls and now Forest Hollow.  I've been doing way more applique than I've ever done before.

One awesome side effect of all this applique work is that I've become much more comfortable actually doing applique.  All my applique is fused - I'm not a hand-applique person - but I've gotten quite adept at edge stitching.  Now when I say adept I don't mean I'm an expert or perfect at it - I've just gotten used to it and do it a lot faster than I used to.  Practice may not make perfect in this case, but it does produce a familiarity that makes the whole process seem less threatening.  I used to be kind of intimidated by applique. I've learned to actually enjoy it!

I'll post some pictures of the WIP soon - gotta actually get them up on the design wall and take some pictures of the latest work.

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