Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BOM Madness

I finally got the final block in my folk art cats block of the month.  I didn't want to do a red kitty in a santa suit, so I just did my own chocolate kitty.  (Nothing else in the quilt was really indicative of a calendar, so why put a christmas kitty in the 12th spot?).  Anyway - I haven't put the borders on it yet, but I'm working on them, as my own cat, Pan, allows... she won't let me get near the machine without trying to 'participate'.  Makes it impossible to sew sometimes, especially when I'm already wrestling with a full sized quilt...

I also finished my Pumpkin Hill quilt (except for borders, again, same problem - trying to sew around a cat).  Here's the quilt so far, all constructed including the applique panel on top, which was the final block:

I had a lot of fun with this one, even though the style is SO outside my comfort zone.  I'm usually all about the piecing, but as I've said before... this is the year of applique and I'm doing so many different things than I usually do. 

Lots of things are happening that are positive right now... I am looking forward to a trip to Disneyland for my anniversary this week.  I get to see a play for my birthday the following week.    That of course includes a dinner out as well.  Things have generally been going well lately.   I haven't broken a fingernail in 3 weeks (that's a record for me).  These new gel nailpolishes make a HUGE difference.  I bought myself a lovely birthday present (a new Mah Jongg set - not new, but new for me).  I have had lots of energy lately.  My family (even the furry ones) are all healthy (knock wood).   Just little things but they all add up. 

Mercury is in retrograde until early September, and that is a time when things are supposed to go wrong, esp. with travel and communications.  I hope since it is happening during my own sign, that everything remains on a positive upswing.

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