Thursday, July 28, 2011

Make it work

Tonight is the premiere of season 9 of Project Runway, the only reality show I ever watch.  YAY!

Anyway - I have finished all the blocks of Pumpkin Hill.  I still have to do the appliqued panel that goes across the top.  Haven't decided on a background fabric for it yet, but that can happen tomorrow.  Here's the three rows... They are sewn into rows, but the rows aren't put together yet.

I'm not sure how the rows are going to go together... the top row is one length, the middle row is a little longer, and the bottom row is longer yet... I may have to add a coping strip to the top row... we'll see how much easing will do for me first.  One way or another I will make it work...

UPDATE:  Woot!  I got all the rows together without coping strips... a little easing here and there was necessary, but the whole thing went together really easily... Can't wait to get the top strip done - just a little more applique and I can put on the borders and call this top done - just will need backing and quilting!

Anyway - PR is starting... got to run!

1 comment:

  1. you really did a nice job on this! i think a coping strip would look just fine to make all the rows the same size. good luck with it.