Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UFO quandary

One of my recently found UFOs is this mystery quilt I made a few years ago.  I'm not sure why I stalled out on completion, but now I have no idea how I want to finish it. 

I strayed 'off-pattern' originally  by choosing to put the blocks on point and now I just don't know how to finish it... as is to be used as a table topper?  Makes little sense to me - I don't have a round table, and it's a bit big for a card table.  Not to mention, I'm not thrilled with the setting triangles I made to begin with.  I could add big triangles to the corners and make it square, but tbh, i'm not thrilled with the idea of making another square quilt.  They just aren't very useful - even as a lap quilt.  I'll never hang it in my house... I'm not a big fan of pink.  I have lots of fabrics that match the interior of the quilt, but all of them seem like they would be too much of one thing if I just added huge triangles of them onto the corners... I'm at a loss...

I think I will take the quilt and all the fabrics I have left to my quilt class tomorrow and ask there for ideas... but any ideas here would be welcome too...


  1. If it is to be a table topper I would see the piece section as the center focus and

    1. a cream strip all the way around
    2. Colored triangles to make it square.
    3. Wide Dark strip on the 2 opposite ends to make it the right size for your table. (These I would use in the quilting to do something special.)

  2. If you still have the fabrics, you could make mitered corner triangles that make a whole square of the pink&Black parts in the setting triangles. And if you'd never use it, you could donate it for a baby quilt if it's anything like that size.

  3. The easiest solution is to make your triangle setting pieces into sqs by adding a green triangle for an out side corner.

    I would perfer to make 4 additional tri/strip units and add then to the outer edges of the pieced blocks. it would center the pieced blocks in an "X".

    I also think it is kinda neat the way it is. would be a cute table topper. cw

  4. Giveaway!!!! Since you don't like pink, what about adding another block without pink to tone down the pink?

  5. my thoughts - a bit of deconstruction. take the triangle pieces out that you have on it now and replace them with something that has greens in it, even if it's a solid piece. unpick a seam from one straight edge to the center. Put a backing on it, bind it, and you have yourself a Christmas tree skirt!

  6. Whatever you decide, I really like it. I am bad about just getting rid of projects that I don't like.